Saturday, November 01, 2008


Sad Plight of Nepalis in Dubai Airport

30 Sep 2008 - On the way to Egypt in the Dubai Airport, I saw many people sleeping on the way to the Departure Gates. On closer look, I thought they could be Nepali and I also overheard someone talking in Nepali. I went and talked with some of them. They said some of them have been stranded in the airport for more than 30 days. They left Nepal to work on various positions in Iraq. They were supposed to meet someone in the Dubai airport who would then charter a flight to Iraq. The person was not there to be seen at the airport and they have been left stranded in the airport ever since. Apparently, they were tricked by the agent who flew them from Nepal and/or the agent who was supposed to pick them up.

They hadn't washed their clothes or eaten properly for more than a month. Some of them looked very depressed and some were taking it easy for temporary relief by playing cards when all the options had run out. A sad story when one human being cheats on other and plays with someone's life for greed of money. The workers had dreams, to work, save some money and send it home so that their families live better life. Not of being stranded in a foreign airport where there was no one helping them out.

I was there in Dubai, but I was helpless. I was flying to Cairo the same evening. I gave my numbers to them asking them to call me (if they think I could be of any help) after a week when I am back from Cairo. Some of them had a prepaid simcard, so they were at least able to receive calls and make some calls. One of them said they had already called the Nepali Embassy in Abu Dhabi which was also of no help.

Any news on this matter? How did the stories end for these unfortunate Nepalis.
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What a pity poor scene in Dubai Airport. Damn those scammers for hitting innocent people.
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