Tuesday, March 06, 2007


sad countdown

We have only 24 days remaining to complete our MBA. Then most of us will be traveling here and there and coming back to the graduation ceremony on April 27th. After April 27th, many of us will again be again heading to various destinations in different corners of the world. I am already feeling sad that we will be going our ways very soon. It seems like lately, we have all been hanging out with each other more often by going to dinners, BOWS or just chatting in the cafeteria.

Keeping in mind that we will soon be alumni of IESE, we had a presentation from IESE Alumni Association today. We learned about how big the organization is, where the alumni chapters are, how we can contribute to the Alumni association, how we become paid members and what the benefits are. If we do not become paid members, from June onwards we will only have limited access to IESE emails, i.e. we can have the emails forwarded but we cannot access the emails directly from the IESE server.

I am enjoying my classes. "Financing Entrepreneurial Opportunities" (ENFI) is one of classes I am enjoying the most. Rob Johnson, visiting professor from LBS and Heinrich Liechtenstein teach the class. Since Rob didn't teach other classes at IESE, I never knew him before I took this class. He is amazing. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and an investor. I now know one more person who I can talk to to build/expand my network when I am looking for investors to invest in my future company.

Because the class is so popular, double classes are offered, so that more students can be accommodated. In some cases, the primary person who started the company or did the "Management Buy Out", "Management Buy In" or just invested in the company (that we are discussing in the class) is actually present in the class. Sometimes the professors do not make us aware of this. And after we discuss the case, (during some discussions, we even suggest to fire the person), we are introduced to him/her. As you can imagine, the class becomes even more interesting after that. The guest then talks about his experiences, comments on our comments and answers questions we may have. Really cool to hear from the actual person who executed the deal! One of those guests was the person from TPG who was the primary person involved in buying Ducati.

This past weekend, we organized the Doing Good Doing Well conference. I was primarily involed with finding the sponsors. The conference went smoothly. One company Vectrix even offered to put their Electric bikes for display. I thought, why not a photo riding the stylish bike?

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