Monday, December 03, 2007


Paaru, Paru and Siru

Paaru happy and awake after a bath from grandmom

I don't know what she is smiling at. I think she finds us too childish!:)

Naming ceremony with a Nepali Priest in London

I am not happy mom and grandmom! Dad, please help me!

On bhai-tika day: With Siru's cousin

Hi Pradeep, Congratulations for Paaru's arrival in your family. She is very cute!
Dherai Khushi Laggyo. All my love to Paaru, Paru and Siru ;)
Pradeep Uncle,
your daughter is beautiful, just a question, your in London right or did you go to Afghanistan?
Dai tapai Afghanistan ki London ma and Exceptional photograph:)
She's beautiful, Pradeep! Congrats to you both and best wishes!!!
jhakkas cha ta blog
दाजु नमस्कार !
पारुको फोटो र भिडियो सबै हेरे । राम्रो लाग्यो । पारु साह्रै भाग्यमानी छिन् । भविष्यमा ठुलो मान्छे बन्ने छिन् । मेरो अगि्रम शुभकामना छोरी पारुलाई सफलताको लागी ।
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