Friday, October 19, 2007


Life has changed - I am a dad now

I think the arrival of a new baby is an auspicious occasion to start writing again after some hibernation. On Tuesday evening, Srijana gave birth to a healthy baby girl at St Mary's hospital in London. I am a happy dad, who has luckily got 2 weeks of paternity leave. That means I will be a nice dad and when I am not changing nappies, may be I can continue blogging. Will post photos soon.


Badhai ho Badhai ...

Dasain ko subha awasar ma yasto thulo upahar paeeko ma dherai badhai ra subhakamana.

Prasanna ra Deepti
hey.... gud 2 c u blogging after long!!...n BIG congrats newbie daddy!!
Dheri Khushi layo dai.. :)
Thats so amazing that there is a small Pradeep now!! So cool - congratulations, hope baby and mother do fine!
Many many congratulations dai to you and bhauju. Great!:)

Kanhaiya and Nycole Sharma
Congratulations Pradeep !
I hope that you enjoy your new post mba life...
2nd year at IESE is treating me well so far.
Xavier Clement
Hi Pradeep,

I never thought that you would blog so soon!!!


Convey our regards to baby and mom.

Dai photo khai ta.2months huna layo photo post garchau bhane ko ne..:)
Hi Prasanna, Shashi, Kinshuk, Huy, Kanhaiya and Nicole, Xavier and Bright,

Thanks for your lovely messages. We are doing fine. Paaru is also enjoying the new world, although she realizes everything is not as comfortable as in the womb.

Pradeep and Srijana
Congratulations on becoming a Dad. you are Da Man !!!!

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