Wednesday, January 10, 2007


we now have a water fountain! hurray!

Update on Jan 16, 2007:
Photos of the water fountain

Ashwin was the first one to pass me the news that we now have a water fountain at IESE. We can now use it to drink water directly or refill bottles. Its located in the cafeteria in between the water vending machines. (Strategic location, I think ! :) ) I am so glad that we finally have it as we have been pushing for it for a long time. I didn't take my camera today to take a photo but as soon as I have one, I will post it.

I hope we will buying less water bottles and hence throwing less of them in the trash.

Thank you IESE Administration for listening to the students and the Environmental Group
(Responsible Business Club) .

Hi Pradeep,
I remember your post/video about environment club activities in IESE. Great to know that finally your club's efforts are succeeding.

Right on Pradeep. Not only have you accomplished your mission (and a good one at that) but you also helped create one of the best SPAMs of all time, when Misha thought you meant decorative fountains. AWESOME!
Nice!!!!! Now you can save money as well!!!!

Who cares about the enivorment!
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