Thursday, January 04, 2007


New Year 2007 in Lapland

We celebrated our new year in Lapland with 25 other friends, mostly from IESE. For me, to have experienced a place north of Arctic Circle like lapland where I can see light ony for 4 hours during a day was something priceless, like they say in a "mastercard" ad. I had only read about such things in my geography books.

I also got to meet for the first time the real "Santa Clause" in Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi is also the town in Lapland which crosses the "arctic circle".

There were many "first time" events for me that took place during this trip. I drove a snowmobile, experienced reindeer sledding, did sauna of about 100 degree C and then went out and slept on the snow naked for few seconds (Finnish style), all for the first time.

Thank you Juha for organizing the trip and hosting us in your grand winter house.

Some photos from the trip:

driving a snow mobile

Pulling Siru on a frozen lake

Santa Clause Village. The line above us is the line to mark the arctic circle
although it doesn't always fall exactly on the line.

Feeding reindeers in a reindeer farm

Pradeep, it was awesome spending time with you and Siru in Finland this week. Don't forget you both must come to Calatrava for dinner this term! :) See you back in BCN.
It's nice to know that you guys had good times there in Finland. Those beautiful pictures can tell the whole story. Great pulling Srijana there on a frozen lake, the line to mark the Arctic Circle is quite interesting (it must be light beam), and I think "Sauna" picture is missing. Hum… sauna of about 100 degree C and then went out and slept on the snow naked for few seconds in Finnish style… ;) ha.

Have fun and be happy !
Hi Pradeep,
Was waiting to read your experiences at Lapland! Great to know that you both enjoyed!

Thank you Noelle, Jiten and Bright for your comments.

Yes Noelle, we should be getting together at Calatrava. Lets fix a date when you come back.

Jiten, I know I should have taken some photos of those Finnish style saunas. May be it was better that we didn't. :)

Bright, All the best wishes for 2007, especially your applications.

Pradeeep. Same same. Great to be with you in finland and having good sauna conversations. I mentioned your archifamous hot resistance in my blog ;)
See you soon
Thanks for the wishes, Pradeep. I need a lot of them!

I read your blog. I didn't know you were writing so much. I will be putting the link to your blog now.

Yes it was great to be there with you .

See you in school.
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