Sunday, January 07, 2007


DIEN exam! one more time!

At IESE, if you like to take MBA classes that are offered in Spanish, you need to pass the DIEN (Diplomas Intermedio de Español de los Negocios ) exam. The concept is similar to having to get certain score in TOEFL to take classes offered in English.

My DIEN exam is coming up, in fact it is taking place the day after tomorrow. Last time I took it in November and I failed. Later I found out that I did very bad in the reading comprehension. So you can guess, I am just reading business articles in Spanish whenever I can to improve on it. At the same time I need to make sure I remember the grammar that I knew before the holidays.

If I pass it, I can then take MBA classes offered in Spanish this semester. That would be really awesome. Thats one of the unique offering of IESE and I really want to take advantage of it. I wish I was wiser to have learnt more Spanish before I joined IESE. If I had done that, I didn't have to wait until now to take the exam, pass it and take MBA classes offered in Spanish.

There is also one more advantage of passing the DIEN now. If I take at least 2 classes offered in Spanish, I can then have a bilingual degree when I graduate. This is less important to me than the fun/challenge of taking class in a language you have learned in less than 2 years. But it would still be nice to get a bilingual degree. So If I pass the DIEN, I will definitely go for 2 classes offered in Spanish.

If I fail this time, I may have more opportunity to take DIEN before I graduate but I won't be able to take MBA classes offered in Spanish as the last semester starts from Jan 10th. As you can understand, the risks are high and hence I am back "para practicar mas Español ".

Suerte, Pradeep!!!
Wish you good luck, Pradeep!
Thank you Noelle and Bright. I took it today. I don't think it went well but Vamos a ver!

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