Saturday, January 06, 2007



I had become a super fan of to call home in Nepal as it gave me the slightly better rate than the calling cards and a reliable quality. It was also an innovative concept allowing people to call from phone to phone but initiate the conversation through internet. And I didn't have to bother about going to La Ramblas and buying the calling cards, I could just add funds to my account using the credit cards.

But sadly, the new year was not a a good news regrading jajah for people from small and commercially unpopular countries like Nepal. It increased the rate to call Nepal from 19 US cents to a 25 US cents a minute.

I am back to using calling cards now which are designed to fool people with weird combination of rounding and connecting charges but at least gives me, overall, better rates than JAJAH now.

Adios JAJAH.

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