Saturday, December 23, 2006


EEA Seminar

On Dec 15 and 16, we had the final seminar of the European Entrepreneurship Accelerator (EEA) course in Barcelona. INSEAD students and professors, IESE students and professors, entrepreneurs of the companies we worked with this semester and the sponsors were present during the conference.

I really enjoyed listening to some of the successful entrepreneurs who built their ideas on what looks very simple and persisted on their goals. It was encouraging to see that some of the entrepreneurs were very young, which reinforced my feeling that it is not too early or late to start a new business on my own. For now I have accepted an offer to work in the financial sector in London after my MBA, but my idea/passion of starting something on my own has been further strengthened by this course.

The stunning but partial view of the new IESE campus from the top of the building. We gave a tour of the new campus to our guests , friends from INSEAD and the entrepreneurs.

Max, Lutz from INSEAD and myself with the Barcelona city view in the background from the new building.

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