Monday, November 13, 2006


Being an example!

IESE hosts the conference "Doing Good Doing Well" every year. But its a pity and shame that we do not even have recycling bins on campus. There are very few printers that can print automatically on both sides of a paper. And there is no water fountain yet, so every student who wants to drink water on campus generally buys a bottle of water. So at least 200 empty water bottles everyday is not uncommon to see.

This year, I am leading the Environmental group of Responsible Business Club and with this, I even feel more responsible to change the status quo. I am talking with the Administration on the issues I mentioned earlier. At the same time, my friend Javier Morales and I made this video on how IESE MBA students can start being environmentally friendly from today!

We showed it to the first years and at some of the popular classes of the 2nd years. And I have already seen the effect. There are less plastic bottles which are not crushed, students are printing Powerpoint files in multiple slides per page and in the cafeteria, there are many trays without the paper to be wasted. Thank you IESEians for supporting us. I will try to take photos that can show this effect if possible to post it next time.

Hey, I'm a prospective applicant at IESE and it's nice to know that you are educating people to print on both sides of the paper, whenever possible. It not only reduces paper wastage but also saves so many trees.

I implemented a similar project in my company & reduced paper utilization by 36% after installing duplexers. Another idea we implemented was to collect single side printed papers in a carton box and make scribbing pads out of them for rough work.

Hey, did you change to the new Blogger platform, or just give Gandaki a major upgrade? Either way, it looks great. Especially the head shot of the author!
Hey Pradeep -

Big props to you for your environmental efforts. I have certainly noticed that many people are no longer using the unnecessary "tray papers" and that bottles are being crushed. It'll be great when we finally get some recycling bins in this place!

Secondly, your new blog format is great! Looks awesome!

Pradeep cha!

That's really incredible job that you've done. I'm really motivated and this is one wonderful idea in making short video clips that I can suggest my team and broadcast in TV via "Aankhijhyal" (weekly video magazine produce by my office). It sure will be an effective way to make people aware of their smallest effort can help save our environment and be environment friendly. Thank you "Environmental Group" for this inspiration.

I enjoyed reading your blog and seeing those heartwarming pictures. Dashain festival in Barcelona is really nice. You know I smiled like a Garfield seeing this particular pic of yours from d'Estats where you are reading 'Financial Times' :)

Keep blogging.
Great Pradeep! I really appreciate your effort.. Continue in this way. I think is not that people don't care about environment, it's just that we are not used to think in an environmnet-friendly way. Thank you for your effort. This is part of the knowledge we gain from being a high diversity MBA.. compared for example to Columbia!
See you next teeeeeerm!
You bet.. I've noticed the impact on the first year students myself, as I look around and see paperless trays at lunch. Wish we had the water fountains though, I *really* hate paying for water!
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you are the man!
hey pradeep..cud u gimme ur email id?? i am a prospective student.. just wanted 2 ask a few questions.. u cud mail me
@ as well :)
great step there
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