Monday, September 11, 2006


Wedding in Deutschland

This weekend, Srijana and I went to Munich, Germany to attend my friend Freddy and Tina's wedding. Freddy and I are on the same MBA program at IESE.

It was our first time in Germany. So it was also a cultural, geographical and educational experience for us besides the experience of attending a German wedding for the first time. We arrived to Munich on Friday and rented a car from the airport. (It was also the first time I rented a car in Europe.) We arrived at our hotel and rested for a couple of hours. We then went out to see the small village where we were staying just outside of Munich. In the evening, we got together with Freddy, Tina, and the other guests for an informal dinner.

Cathy, Andrew, Margo, myself and Oriol during the dinner on Friday, the evening before the wedding

We went to church around 1:30 pm for the wedding on Saturday. The wedding was fabulous. Freddy and Tina looked gorgeous and looked like a couple made in heaven.

The happy and gorgeous newly wed couple

Till and his gf on the left, Oriol on the right on the wedding day

We felt like an old couple, 3 years have passed since we married! :)

On Sunday, after having farewell brunch with Freddy and Tina, we headed out to see Munich for a couple of hours as our flight was in the evening. But after spending about an hour in the Munich centre, we were told that Pope will be visiting the city centre and hence most of the roads would be closed. We were aware that Pope was attending a ceremony little outside Munich but didn't know that he would be visiting the city centre on Sunday. So we headed out of the city as soon as possible and on the way to the airport, stopped by the Allianz Arena. The stadium was , wowwwww...impressive.

We saw the World Cup only on TV but I don't feel bad because only a few months later, we went inside this newly constructed fascinating stadium where the World Cup opening ceremony was held!

good to have you back.. and great meeting you too.. we should meet up for drinks some time soon!
Ei Pradeeeeeep! I wish I could have been there with all of you for Freddy's wedding. You can't be in two places at the same time, no one can, so......see you soon.
hi! i am form INSEAD 07! i htough maybe we can link our blogs about our experiences..
Pradeep! Please tell us what you've been doing the last two months! We miss your stories.
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