Friday, May 05, 2006


idration..what is it?

I went to a doctor on Friday. He offered me a lotion and he said it will do the "idration" for my skin. I didn't understand what he meant. He was one of the doctors who could speak English. I found his name from a list of English speaking doctos in Barcleona given to me by the American Consulate.

Only later I realized that he meant to say "hydration" because in Spanish, "h" is pronounced silent. A spanglish visit, I should say!

its like saying erbs for herbs!!!!!!!As simple as that
But you donĀ“t say
"orse" for "horse"
"at" for "hat", do you?
what about jalopeneo???????Isnot it Halopeneo..San jose san hose and the list goes on..No big deal..and dont get offended..
Hilarious experience, I will have watch out for that in Barcelona...
Dear Anonymous,
No I am not offended. I think you are arguing something else. I am not saying any English word starting with "h" should always be pronounced with "h" sound.

All I am saying is I was surprised that even the commonly accepted pronunciation for words like "hydration" where the initial "h" is NOT pronounced silent was pronounced silent by the doctor I visited. My reaction to that was it might have something to do with the Spanish language which is spoken in Spain.
In Spanish, my understanding is, "h" is pronounced silent in words starting with "h".

I hope I am clear.
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