Thursday, April 13, 2006


trip to Mallorca

Let me first briefly write about my Mallorca trip on the weekend of Mar 31st. It was a great trip to have fun and know more about the most popular island in Spain. We were altogether 17 people. We boarded a huge ship from the port of Barcelona. You can imagine how big the ship is by looking at the picture below. There were at least 30 big trucks and many small cars inside the ship. Our indian friend Anil, who worked as a ship engineer before he came to IESE, was very helpful in describing various aspects of how a ship works and sharing the stories of how interesting and boring it can become to travel in a ship continuously for 15 days, take a few days break and travel again.
Once inside the ship, we had a nice lounge to relax and sleep if we liked to. Mimi wasted no time to teach us how to play poker. I had heard about poker a lot of times but never played it myself. So it was not just a fun trip, it was also a learning trip. We only played with fake money just to make sure some of us do not run out of money to come back from Mallorca. After we got our rooms in the hotel, we went to a nice beach called "Llombarts", had our lunch in a beach restaurant and enjoyed the sun. Some of us dared to get to the water which was very cold.
One thing I found in Mallorca was many of the tourists and local residents were German. Menu in the restaurants were in German, Spanish and English. A quick Google search on "Mallorca and German" was good to find out why there were many Germans in the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Its good to see you back writing. Keep it up and do not disappear.

Sara manchhe lai blogging garna uksauni ani afu bepatta .. together does not go very well :-)

You are absolutely right Kab!
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