Thursday, March 16, 2006


Random dinner hosting the 2nd year students

Last semester, the first years were invited by the second years "randomly" for a dinner. This semester it was our turn on Mar 9. Kris Wiljanen, Alex Recoder, Damien Perillat, Dasha Smirnova, Marc Rodriguez and Billi Desai were our guests. Srijana, Kapil and I were the cooks.
This was the killer moment when I was adding chili powder to the chicken: I realized later I added more chili powder than I should have added. The chicken curry was extremely hot, even to myself. Dasha, from Russia, had tears in her eyes.

As I said in the caption of the photograph, the chicken curry, which I cooked, turned out to be really hot. But the funny thing was it was the first thing to be finished during the dinner. Except for the hot chicken curry, we had a good time chatting about Exchange program and things in general. With our 2nd year guests, Kris from US, Dasha from Russia, Billi from US, Damian from France, Alex from Spain, Marc from Spain, myself, Srijana and Kapil from India(behind Marc and I)

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