Monday, March 27, 2006


It is already the third semester: we are flying!

Well! the exams of the second semester were over on Friday. It was a relief to be done with the exams. The final exam for Section A turned out to be really stressful. It was a Managerial Accounting exam. Even those who were renowned to finish the exam in half the time were in the classroom until the end of the exam. It was a very number crunching exam with a lot of time pressure, I felt like I was taking a GMAT again, especially comparing the time pressure.

One of the nice things about IESE is the bar in the school offers beers and wines. No sooner the exams were over, the majority of the first years were out in the sun enjoying the lovely weather with a bottle of beer with them. A picture speaks for itself:

Komal, Carl and Bein were no exceptions:
Our popular Mexican friend Rafa even brought a set of speakers with him to listen to music and enjoy the beer when the exams were over. Here he is with Gustavo:

Thats gr8 to know that u guys have surmounted the second sem exams..atleast now u cud puff out atleast for sometime..

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