Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I am back with photos

After some hiding, I am back with lots of energy (not as much as I want to as I think I am getting sick).

Last weekend, I flew to Boston for my sister's wedding. It was great to meet my sister Pushpa, brother-in-law Yogya, my parents, cousins, bhaujoo (sister-in-law), niece and Yogya's parents and relatives. It was also great to meet my friends from Boston who I had missed a lot. I don't have their pictures yet. This was the first time I was there after I left Boston in Oct 2003.

(from left to right, top row) My cousin Ananda, Yogya's brother-in-law, dad, sister Pushpa, brother-in-law Yogya, myself, mom, Yogya's dad, Yogya's mom and Yogya's sister
(from left to right, bottom row) My niece Niti, sister-in-law Sarmila, and cousin Deepak
(photo credit: Expert Arnico Panday, a genius PhD from MIT)

Today, we went to SEAT car assembly plant located near Barcelona. The factory visit was part of our Operations Management class. It was amazing to see a new car being produced every five minutes or so. I saw advanced robots in actions for the first time in my life. We couldn't take pictures inside. But here is the one I took inside the bus we took.

Coincidentally, today's Financial Times carried an exclusive coverage on the car industry. It mentioned about SEAT as well. I was enjoying reading FT this afternoon after the visit as the weather was gorgeous.

In the evening, my wife had a dance practice in Komal's place for the multicultural night thats taking place tomorrow. She is dancing on 2 songs. I was kicked out from Bhangra dance because I didn't practise as I was in the US during the weekend. Pobre me!!

Dear Pradeep dai,
I enjoy reading your blogs. You post the lot of good news in your blog. I just read it every day I checked your blog, thinking that there might be any new…... … N nice photograph… I enjoy
?Adonde van los blogs de Pradeep? No tiene ninguna blog por mucho tiempo. ?Tiene un dolor de los dedos? :)

Hope you get back to blogging soon!
El Otro P,
I know who you are now. Your hint when I met you in Boston helped me, isn't that right?
Your Spainish is very good. I hope you dind't use Google Translator. Keep it up.

Your sister got married in Boston? I'm getting married in Boston! Do you know if she chose one of the venues off
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