Friday, March 17, 2006


"Doing Good Doing well" conference

"Doing Good Doing Well" conference took place 2 weeks back in IESE. Because I was a lazy blogger, I never got a chance to write about this event which rocked. The event really widened my horizon on what some nice people have been doing for the overall good of the community while at the same time making money. It was interesting to listen to Ms. Kresse Wesling from Canada who talked about how she has convinced businesses that they would indeed save money by using recyclable materials and in doing so, doing well in here business. She started her business in HongKong and and she has now expanded her business to UK.

It was also inspiring to listen to Madhura Chatrapathy from India whose organization ASCENT has helped shoemakers in India run a sustainable business by creating a collaborative called ToeHold Artisans Collaborative. The shoes, some popular ones like Kohalpuri, manufactured by the collaborative have already entered the international market and are in hot demand by international fashion houses. The collaborative has the artisans as the shareholders. The artisans then share the profit among them according to the number and quality of the shoes they make over a period. This has also helped them feel proud in what they do. My wife and I took this photo with her along with some friends. Top row: Kapil, My wife Srijana, Madhura from ASCENT, Anil, Oriol
Bottom Row: Aalok, myself, Anjanay Borwankar (IESE alumnus and founder of Adopt-a-Business)

There were also some IESE alumni among the speakers. One of them was Emma Coles of FreePlay, whose company was making self-rechargable radios available in the African markets for people who didn't have electricity or couldn't buy batteries easily.

More on it can be read at

Thank you Responsible Business Club for organizing such a great conference.

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