Friday, February 03, 2006


"P&L" preview of last week

Thanks god, its Friday. Second semester is really taking its toll. I haven't been blogging lately. It has been exactly a week since I last wrote something. I don't really have any excuse.

I seem to be preparing better for my classes this semester. There were times when I didn't even use to read a case last semester. This semester I have at least been able to read the cases if not analyze them before the classes. This helps in not getting lost during the entire class. I have been loving Managerial Accounting the best. More than the subject, it is the Professor who is really really amazing. He is confident, articulate and has a very good ability to explain something.

Now that my internship search is over, I am thinking of getting active in different clubs. Theater Club is the one I think I will be joining soon. I also like to start my own Environment Club. I am hoping to start my fresh campaign in getting some initial core members next week.

I am also enjoying reading Financial Times these days. (We all get a "free" copy of Financial Times at IESE.) In the first semester, except for the political news, I didn't use to understand much of the core Finance news. My friends now ask me why I am reading Financial Times as I already have a banking internship. I tell them that I just enjoy reading it. I guess its always easy to enjoy doing something when you are not doing with a direct target/result in mind.

I have also joined a health club this time. Its 15 minutes walk from my house. These was a waiver of the "joining fee" of about 65 Euros if we signed up during January. It was a sweet deal and I didn't waste any time in taking advantage of the offer. I mostly enjoy swimming. It helps me energize after a long day of class.

Brilliant, thanks a ton mate! I was just about to ask you some visa related questions, but now I can bother the ambassadors and let you concentrate on your cases :-)
Happy studying!
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