Monday, February 06, 2006


Finnish and Japanese dinner y golden birthday

This weekend was a party weekend. As much as I wanted to study for my Spanish exam, the dinners were too fun to miss. First one was the one at my only Finnish friend Juha's place. His girlfriend Mari cooked wonderful Finnish food. Mari spent at least 3 hours to prepare the wonderful food. We were really lucky. I was always asking for "mas" food. Before we left, we made sure we sang "kiiiiiiitos Mari". "Kiiiiiitos" means "Thank you" in Finnish. Here is the photo.
From the left, Madhur, Carol, Juha, Mari, Anosha, myself and Noshaba at Juha's place. My wife took the photo, so she is not there.

Then on Saturday we had a Japanese dinner at Dom and Atsushi's place. Dom, Ats and Kyoko had prepared at least 15 items, sushis, teriyaki and what not. Ats and Dom were in kitchen most of the time to make sure there was enough varieties of food on the table. To add to that, Satoshi brought some "saki" to make the perfect combination. I thought Saki had a high percentage of alcohol, only then I realized that it had "mas o menos" same percentage of alcohol as in wine. Later on we sang songs from different countries. I sang this Nepali song called "aama ra babu le rojeko" which everyone knows that it is the only song I know how to sing.
Japanese dinner: Thank you Dom, Atsushi and Kyoko!

And yesterday was my birthday. My wife gave me a pleasant surprise. Now I am also eligible to become a member of "golden club" in IESE. I will be playing bingos.....yeahhhhh!!!!

Today, we took a group photo of MBA 2007 Section A today. The main photograher was in the centre but Misha who took the picture with my camera couldn't be in the center to take the picture. Here is the corner view:

Belated b'day wishes! n Good luck on your Spanish exam.
Belated Happy Birthday, Pradeep. Hope you had a great day...
Thanks for writing about our dinner on your blog! It was a fantastic night and surely we'll do it again.

And you did have a great birthday! I'm happy for you and welcome to GOLDEN CLUB!!
Thank you Dinesh. The Spanish exam actually went well. Your good wishes worked immediately.

Thank you Ashwin.

Thank you Dom. Yes we will do it again.
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