Friday, January 20, 2006


I am in Madrid again

I am in Madrid again, but this time with my wife. And I didn´t forget my camera either. So you will see a lot of photos after I am coming back home tomorrow night.

We were here to apply for yet another visa. This time, it was to the US to attend my sister´s wedding. It was approved with almost no questions (I think IESE brand name and the fact that I was in the US earlier for about 8 years helped). And guess what! I have got another good news. Along with me, my wife now has a job. She is starting this Monday as a Research Assistant at IESE. So I will be seeing her even at school.

I will be sharing more on my second time Madrid experience once I get back home.

Do you mind if I email you with a question?

Dont know your email, want want to ask this in private. My email is my username, at


Juan Miguel Venturello
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