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could it be better?

I have a summer job now. It is with a big bank in London. You might think I have become an investment banker, it is not exactly like that. It is more of a what I like to call "a job in a financial sector which also gives me a feel of working in an industry". I would be making creative financial solutions, selling them to clients and maintaining relationship with them. Sounds interesting eh!

I had my interview on Monday. I flew to London on Sunday and stayed in a nice hotel near Canary Wharf. (It was a smart move on my part to have applied for UK visa during the break, wasn't it?) The travel and hotel expenses were covered by the bank I was interviewing with. This was the first time I had been flown to a different city/country for an interview. On Monday, I had an all-day interview schedule. I had three interviews, one case study and one presentation on the case. I felt I could have done better with some of the questions in the interviews. I was wondering, perhaps I might not pass the final round. Three of us from IESE were interviewing that day.

I was with my friend Fernan in the Heathrow airport after the interviews were over. Fernan and I were interviewing for the same job. In few minutes after we checked in, he got the good news. Immediately I thought, I was right, I didn't perform good and didn't get it. If I were to get good news, I would have gotten it right then. Oh well, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I was sad, although without any doubt I was happy for Fernan. There was this completely two opposite sides of human emotions: one person extremely happy on getting a job for the summer and calling his parents, girlfriend and friends AND the other person putting his head down, not knowing what to think, not knowing how fate takes its turn and how he was going to tell his wife that he didn't get the job. When I was analyzing each and every minute of my interview wondering if I smiled too much, if I didn't make good eye contacts, if I was talking to much and if I talked too little, I got a call. It was from a "private" number, generally calls from the offices are private number. Wasting no time, I picked up the phone and yes it was the good news. Oh I would never want to have those tortorous moments I had in those last 20 minutes. I can't imagine how happy I was. Did I say no when Fernan asked me if I wanted another pint of beer? Of course not. What an eventful day was it?

It certainly feels good to know what I am going to do in summer which is still more than 4 months away. And not only that, it is not bad to get paid well while doing some interesting work in a new field, is it? Thank you Finance Club, Anubahv, Nicollo, Ermias and everyone else who guided me through this journey.

Awesome! Congratulations..
//I would be making creative financial solutions, selling them to clients and maintaining relationship with them

Just a guess..Is it structured finance that you are talking about here?
Congratulation dai!!!!
felicitacion en interno, Pradeep.

Again, congratulations to you, Pradeep! I am so happy that you got it! And I mean it!
Congratulations Pradeep. You certainly deserve it.

--- Niva
!felitaciones! espero que tiene muchos diversion en la inglaterra.

keep on blogging though, we're all addicted to the blog now :)
Congratulations Dai,
I am so happy to hear about it.
Hi Pradeep,
I have been reading your blog for a while now. I came across it while searching for MBA schools. I am also from KTM and currently make my home in Canada. Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent achievment. It is very nice to hear success stories of fellow Nepalis.
Best wishes.
Dear Dinesh, Pushpa, Anonymous, Huy, Catalonic, Deepti, Niva, El otro p, Yogya and Anonymous,

Thank you very much. Yes I am very excited on this nw opportunity. Thank you again.

I am not sure if I will be doing "structured finance". I will be "officially" doing work related to "cash management, fund services, trade services and security services" and it may fall under one or more of those categories. If you want,I can share more details in email. Drop me your email address in a comment and I will delete your email address from my comment as soon as I know it ( to prevent spammers from harvesting your email address).

Damn happy to hear this good news. Badai cha hai.
Hello there
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