Wednesday, December 28, 2005


winter holidays in Barcelona

My friend Sandeep and his wife Biparna came to visit us in Barcelona during the Christmas break. Sandeep and Biparna are both medical doctors. Sandeep and I did my A levels together in Nepal. When your friends come to visit you, then you will have a very good excuse to visit places you have been waiting to visit. It applied to us as well. Together with Sandeep and Biparna, we explored Barcelona and the outskirts.

They loved Barcelona as soon as they landed here. It was expected for someone coming from the cold England to the warm Barcelona. They had actually visited Paris before coming to Barcelona. It seemed like they enjoyed the romantic and artistic city Paris but they hated the cold Paris.

First we took them to the famous Park Guell. How could we not? I don't think I would ever say no to visit Park Guell anytime. They loved it as well. Plus the weather was fantastic that day. They had already become fan of Gaudi by the time we showed them La Sagrada Familia and Casa Batio. The funny thing was, following Gaudi's style, Sandeep had also started to hate straight lines and structures.

We also visited Magic fountains of Montjuich. They were truly beautiful. Although it was getting chillier in the evening, we just didn't want to leave the place. The views of the fountains which change color with the tempo of the music played are really breathtaking.

On 24th, we went to Sant Sadurni D'Noia of the "Penedas" region to tour the "wine country". Unfortunately, everything was closed as it was the day before Christmas. We had a feeling that they would be closed but we took the chances anyway. Nevertheless it was our first train trip to the south of Bartcelona. We hadn't taken Renfe trains earlier. Next time when we have guests we can take them easily to wine region now. This time we had to do some research and "adventure" to find and reach our destination.

Our last visit was to Montserrat mountain. It was 1 hour west from Barcelona. The small train ride across the mountain was impressive. We fully enjoyed our time there.

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