Tuesday, December 20, 2005


not good..

Financial Accounting turned out to be tougher than expected. I at least expected some questions of the same pattern as in the past papers. And I was really ready to answer questions like "What is the loss on disposal, what is the account-receivable write offs, prepare a operational cash flow..blah blah". Guess what, we didn't get any of those questions which seemed very likely to come (they were asked in all of the 3 past papers from 2001, 2003 and 2004). But like we learned in our Decision Analysis class, even when the percentage likelihood was high, it was still possible to not get it. A true real life example of what I learned in Decision Analysis class.

We had Decision Analysis exam today. I think I did bad as well. I thought I was better in this than Financial accounting, but as soon as I walked out of the exam, I realized that I might have done worse than I thought. But I never seriously walked though the questions again after I walked out of the exam. I was "sort-of" confident on my logic during the exam, so it could still be the case that I was right. But chances are, no matter how likely or unlikely they are, I could be wrong, at least in my first question with the heavy weight of 35%.

Tomorrow we have Marketing case, I am not even sure how to approach my final day preparation. We have to analyze a case, so I am just going through some "case analysis" guides I found in the IESE Consulting Club website.

Awesome idea with the consulting guides Pradeep it just goes to show that reading Blogs instead of studying is an educational experience in itself !!!

And I'm sure you did fine in your DA exam - everyone I've spoken to feels the same way - impossible to know !

Good luck tomorrow dude.
I am glad to be a source of "educational experience", Francis.

To quote the famous strategy I have learned in my Managerial Communication class "I know your blogs will do the same to us" .

And thanks for the "bueno suerto" wish, Francis. Egualmente tambien!
Dear Pradeep,

I wish I could tell you that everything is going to be fine, BUT ITS NOT! YOU ARE ALL SCREWED! HAAAA HAAAA!
Bow down before me, Tim Sutton, Master of T-Accounts and turning students into Liabilities on the Balance Sheet of Life! Only my arch nemesis, Fernando Penalva can challenge me......but even the awesome powers of the Penalva Wiggly Pinch are not enough!

Hey Pradeep!

I totally screwed up accounting too! So did everyone! Hooray!

But now it's all over and we can relax! Enjoy the holidays.

Pradeep dai,
Nice to find out about the ongoing activities in your life in Spain. If fact, I went to Pushpa didi's blog first and from there I kinda guessed "IESE MBA 2007" must be you.

I am going to reduce you the hassle of reading too many unrelated words (you will be better off reading off your books at this time:)) during your exam time.

If you are not done with your exams yet, I wish you all the best dai. Please convey my regards to bhauju.

Take care...
--- Kanhaiya
It was nice to read your comment.
We should use Skype and chat, don't you think? Its been a long time.

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