Sunday, December 11, 2005


my longtime enemy

Just when I need to study more, my longtime enemy called "sinus" comes by and says hello to me. He not only says hello, he hypnotizes me. He captures my head, doesn't let me do any thinking, makes me unable to concentrate and challenges me on whether I can win him. I sure can win him, but not in a minute. It takes me at least a couple of hours to win him and say bye to him temporarily.

I think I know why he is visiting me lately. I have been drinking "cafe con leche" (coffee with milk) in the past few days although I am aware that my longtime enemy loves leche. He gets excited when he gets his favorite leche. He should be happy and just be "tranquilo" when he gets his favorite food, but he gets excited. And he comes and plays the game with his host. How selfish are you? Leave your host alone, just say "thank you" and sleep. Go somewhere else, and leave the host alone, damn it!

Update 4 hours later: After taking some hot lemonades, I think I have been able to fight my enemy off, at least for now. So this is the good news.

Hey Pradeep, sorry to hear you're feeling sick again. I hope this passes quickly. This is the worst time to get sick... I've been feeling it coming on as well, and I'm trying to keep it away.

Get lots of rest and drink plenty of water!!!

Feel better!
Damn you Sinus! Arch nemesis of our beloved Pradeep, take your insatiable craving for the leche and be gone!

Side Note: I'm not exactly sure what "Taking Hot Lemonades" is, but I bet it's illegal in Western Europe.
(Can you score any for Wednesday night?)
Hey Catalonic,
It was fun to read your comment.
I checked dictionary to see if lemonade has another meaning as well.
I think I am missing something, I will meet you in person and ask.
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