Friday, December 16, 2005


great documentary

Today was the last day of classes for this semester. At the end of the each class, we gave a long applause to our professors.

Before the lunch break, we had a great Comment of the Week presentation by our friend Rafa from Mexico. More on it can be read at calatrava's blog.

During our lunch break, Theater club presented a fantastic play in the main auditorium. It was houseful and was broadcasted live in another auditorium. The lesson of the play was we should have a balance of work life and family life and not get carried away by the money factor alone. Kudos to the members of the theater club! You guys did an amazing job.

After the lunch break, in our OB class, we saw this documentary called "" which is a story of two entrepreneurs building a startup, reaching the highs and then falling apart during the dot com crash. As someone who has thought of starting his own company, it gave me good insights on what it is like to start a company (regardless of the outcome). The company not only fell apart, but the relationship between two high school buddies was also at stake. More on how the company went bankrupt can be read at .

We have finals on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The first one is Financial Accounting. After doing first few problems of a practice set "mas o menos" correctly, I am feeling motivated to do more exercises. I hope I will maintain my motivation level throughout the weekend.

Kia Ora (Hello) from a blogger down under in the country of Sir Edmund Hillary - New Zealand.There is an old saying of - 8 hours for work, 8 hours for play and 8 hours to lay your head and wake up the next day !!! Something like that !!! All the best - study hard.
Hi Kelvin,
You are the second one I know from New Zealand. I briefly checked out your blogs, I couldn't figure out where to start from. There are too many.

Thanks for your wishes. I will rock the exam tomorrow. :)

Hope you rocked accounting! Good luck with the rest of the papers..
Dear Dinesh,
Actually, I think I did bad. How bad? That I do not know. But it seems like many of us did bad as well, and the grading is done on curve, so I hope I will be "just" fine with the grade. But not an A for sure.

Thanks for your wishes. I wish you all the best with your applications.

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