Tuesday, December 06, 2005


ABP report, holidays and summer job

Most of this last weekend was spent on writing the ABP report. I was working on it until 2 AM on Monday. I felt like I didn't manage my time properly but when I found out that some of us were working until 8 or 9 AM on Monday morning for the paper and some even skipping the morning classes, I felt better (I told you! its all relative). So if there were others who didn't stay later than me, I would have felt bad. There is something wrong on the way we judge ourselves, don't we?

Time flies by so fast. We have only 2 weeks for finals left. Luckily, today was a national holiday in Spain. I both like and dislike the holidays in Spain. I like them for obvious reasons, I have more time to prepare for classes, spend time with my wife, go out, have fun, blah blah. I dislike them because most of the shops are closed on holidays. So this means I couldn't go to groceries to buy food nor to mall to do any shopping. I am supposed to do shopping when I am the busiest. I am aware that there are some grocery stores/supermarket that are open 24 hours but I know for sure they are not near to my place. But perhaps with an extra effort, I can find them.

On other updates, I got shortlisted for a summer internship in a company where I really want to work. This is the first step, I now need to pass my first interview on campus. Then if I pass that, I will have to pass second interview in London to finally have the job. I will be talking with second years who are going to work there and get ideas from them on what I could do to do well on the interview. But the slightly scare news is that I am not shortlisted for any other companies so far. I know that not all the companies I have applied to are done with their first round selection but there are already 2 or 3 which are done with their selection and I was not on their list. I am not expecting to be shortlisted by all the companies but that relativity comes into play again and makes me scared.

My friends are coming to visit me in Barcelona during Christmas. They will be here for a week. I am not sure what I am going to do after that. I may just go to my classmate's house in Finland. That would be fun, wouldn't it? I like to go to UK to visit my friends and some relatives there but I have yet to apply for a visa to London. I may end up going nowhere as I need to prepare for the interviews. Since I am a career changer, I really have to prepare myself and convince them that I can do the job and I am really interested in doing it.

I also have to apply for a visa to the US. I have to go to US sometime in next couple of months for my sister's wedding. The date of the wedding is not confirmed yet and hence I said "sometime in the next couple of months". Otherwise you might be wondering how come I am not even sure of my sister's wedding date.

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