Friday, November 11, 2005



It is indeed going to be a relief weekend. This weekend, I would like to relax and then spend more time researching about companies I like to apply for summer internship. The deadline for most companies offering internship opportunities for IESE students is Nov 21st which is coming very close.

Midterms went okay. I was very confident in the morning before the Decision Analysis exam. But in the exam, I was nervous and rushing most of the time. I would have liked myself to be "tranquilo". Perhaps, it was my first exam after my GMAT which I took many months back. But the exam in itself went okay. I know I didn't answer one "calculation intensive" question correctly. However, there was no weight specified for the questions, so I am not sure how that is going to affect my overall score. Nevertheless, I am not worried too much. Even if it went bad, I can always try to do better in the Finals as the final grade takes into account the exam in which I did the best.

Contrary to Decision Analysis, I was not confident on Financial accounting. This is the first time I am getting introduced to Financial Accounting subject. However, I was "tranquilo" most of the time in the exam. ( I adapted positively from the exam yesterday.) I think I did the first 2 questions with 60% weight pretty good. I though I did those 2 questions really well but you know how it is when you get out of the exam and talk to your friends. I realized that I didn't do as well as I thought I did. No wonder, one of my good friends used to advice me "Never ever talk about the exam right after it is over." He is right. It is just going to ruin the weekend if we realize that we did worse than we thought. So heeding his advice, I didn't talk further about the exam.

By the way, I must mention one person who is super smart in Financial Accounting. When I was just finishing up my 1st question, Gabriel walked down the auditorium and submitted his papers. I was super surprised, but now that I know how smart he is, I shouldn't be surprised anymore. He comes from Texas, US.

After the exam was over, I headed home. My wife had prepared wonderful Nepali lunch. Wow! that was fantastic. Lucky me!! After lunch and a siesta, my wife and I went down to La Ramblas for a walk and to do some shopping. It was great to spend some time with my wife after many busy weeks.

Many of my friends from Section A and Section B are going to a dinner organized by student representatives. (Our class of about 220 is divided into 3 sections. The language of instruction in Section C is Spanish.) I couldn't go due to a prior commitment. I am sure they are all having a nice time there.

"TGIF"; Thanks GOD it is friday, Indeed it is great relief after midterm. I had the same feeling after my midterm and now we are busy for finals. Our final exam will be over by next thursday and I believe we will have "TGIV"; I mean thanks GOD it is over...
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