Thursday, November 24, 2005


status of my midterms

I did well in my Financial Accounting. For someone with no accounting background, I am happy with the grade I got. But I would like to do better in the finals. (of course, who doesn't want to?) Lets hope that I will put more efforts in doing the FA cases/homeworks regularly. I am also saying this because I think I got more marks than I deserved. There was one question where I practically bullshitted. But it turns out that I actually answered part of that question correctly and got 66% on that question. Using the knowledge from Decision analysis class, I can say that the probability of me getting lucky like this again is not high. So I better get my act together to prepare better for Financial Accounting. That includes doing homework for tomorrow. :)

I did even better in Decision Analysis. I am doing "okay" in Organization Behavior and ABP. But one class I am not doing good is Marketing. I haven't had guts yet to actively participate in the marketing class. For the class which puts 75% weight in class participation, I should be participating more than I should.

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