Saturday, November 05, 2005


I love Skype

Everyday I am loving Skype more and more. The sound quality is awesome. As I do not have many friends using Skype yet, I use SkypeOut service to call PSTN numbers mostly in the US and UK. It costs just about 2 cents a minute to call those numbers. I don't think it can get any better than this. But more and more of my friends are now using Skype after they are impressed from my marketing pitches. In fact, last week I was pitching a customer service lady from a bank on Skype describing how amazing it was. My flatmates were laughing when I was doing that. I think she was impressed and at least, she is not new anymore to this brand called Skype. But ironically, I don't think I am doing good in my marketing class. I need to be better prepared with my marketing cases.

Skype is way above all the other VoIP services I have used. I think Vonage is very good too, but it doesn't have this free computer to computer service.

Me too.. I love Skype, especially talking with you.:):)
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