Thursday, November 24, 2005


I became sick because I didn't write a blog

Last few days have been very tiring because of classes, homeworks, and applications for summer internships. The weather is not helping us either. It has been getting really cold lately. Its not the sunny and warm barcelona anymore. Many of my friends are sick because of the cold/flu. We can notice the empty chairs in the classes. I have also been "under the weather" since Monday but it hasn't got much worse. Nevertheless, today I felt like it was getting worse and didn't go to my classes after the first one and came home to take rest, have hot lemonade and hot soup. This way I will not let it become worse. But I felt bad for missing my ABP, DA and Spanish class. I was feeling guilty when I was staying at home sleeping. But I think it is the best strategy, missing a day of classes now rather than missing more classes later on after I get more sick. I am already feeling much better now after taking the much needed rest.

But I have another hypothesis. I think I became sick because I was not writing my blogs since Nov 16. Thats already 8 days. After writing a blog, I always used to feel very good. My stress would go down. But I didn't have the privilege of wearing my stress down earlier because I didn't write blogs. And hence I got sick from the accumulated stress.

Will be blogging regularly for the reason I just mentioned.

Dear Pradeep, I hope you feel better soon. Clearly it is better to have a rest now than missing more days when forcing oneself to go to school.
I hope we in our team can help as much we can in supporting you. Let me know if you need anything (don't be too nice as you always are)..
Pradeep I'm sorry you're not feeling well! PLEASE let me know if I can do anything to help. Take good care of yourself!
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