Thursday, November 03, 2005



The disadvantage of having a public blog is that I have to be very careful when I am venting out my frustrations. I should not use any names as Google can cache my blog for decades and one of those unlucky ones I mentioned my find out my gripes in days to come.

Yesterday, few of us were having an informational session with a bank. Then suddenly one guy came in late. He was not dressed properly (we were all required to wear suit and tie). Then without wasting a minute, he started asking questions to the bank representative. He was asking all sorts of complex questions, and didn't pause between asking questions. He acted as if he was the one taking interview of the bank representative. He seemed very cold, with no expressions in his face. And guess what, he left as soon as he was done with his questions. I am not sure what he thought of himself. That was so rude on his part, both to us and the bank representative. I think that kind of attitude also gives a bad impression of IESE to the recruiters. I am not sure how the hell he was thinking of scoring on his personal skills if he were to apply for a job. Luckily, the representative was an alumnus of IESE. He was very approachable and down to earth. After that rude fellow left, we got a chance to ask at least some questions in a comfortable environment. In Nepali we rightly say, "सन्तान थरिथरिका" , which translates to "different people, different behaviors".

Pradeep It is good that you are learning to deal with different people. I am sure when you are a MBA graduate you will handle every situation, either good or bad, in the best way. Enjoy!!!!!
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