Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Regular classes have already started

Regular classes started from this Monday. Everyday we have (mas o menos) 3 cases to prepare. I am slowly getting used to this case study method. Worst of them are the cases from Marketing Management as there are many pages to read for each case. I think they are more interesting than the other ones but just too long and hence takes too much time.

The professor who teaches decision Analysis is very good in explaining things. So far most of the cases in Decision Analysis involved probability and he has been explaining them great. I am generally bad with probability, but I am able to understand the problems explained in the classes.

Yesterday I didn't manage my time properly and couldn't read all the cases properly. What happened was we got our DSL modem yesterday in our flat and hence got excited to install it myself. However, the manual and the setup files were all in Espanol. That gave me a hard time installing it. Once I was lucky to set it up properly, at least for wired connection but then I did something to nullify that good luck. But guess what, that excitement took like 2 hrs of my precious time yesterday. So I read some cases that night and read one case in the morning. I had to get up at 6 to catch up with my case this morning. I still wasn't able to fully analyze it.

Today was a cold day. I had already stepped out of my flat when I realized that it was cold outside. I didn't go back to my flat as that would take another 5 or 10 minutes. But in retrospect, I should have gone back and put a sweater or a jacket as the wind effect made this morning quite chilly.

Learning from yesterday, I am preparing all the cases today before even going back home. That way I can just relax at home. The few hours of sleep from yesterday have made me tired but I am not going to repeat the mistake I made yesterday of not preparing all the cases before going to bed.

Before I sat down to write this blog, I finished preparing one case. I did it with my team and that was a good experience. At the end, I could compare my results with my fellow group mates. I have one more to go. But at least, I don't have 3 cases to prepare for tomorrow. But I guess we still have to do some reading instead of a case for the class which did't require us to prepare a case, but that would be easier than analyzing a case.

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