Sunday, October 30, 2005


Random Dinner on Thursday

Thursday nite, Srijana and I went to a "random dinner" hosted by 2nd year students. As the name suggests, the first year students who signed up for it were selected randomly to different 2nd year hosts (matching dietary preferences, if any). Our hosts were Steven from US, Andre from Poland, Alankar from India and Dhawal from India. Rest of us who were invited were Roman from Barcelona, Kendra from US (exchange student from Kellog) and Alok from India. Kendra arrived late as she got lost because she first went to a street which had the same name except for one letter. That gave us an excuse of creating some Kellog jokes until she came.

The hosts were all really nice. The food was great. We had Indian, Mexican and Polish dishes. I think I saw huge lettuce wraps for the first time. The idea was to make something like a burrito using the lettuce wrap and different items prepared for our wonderful dining experience. "Raita" was very tasty. I also took some shots of sweet liquor made of "swanf". I am not sure what "swanf" is called in English. It is that mouth freshner you can get in an Indian/Nepali restaurant after you have dinner. Thank you Steven, Dhawal, Alankar and Andre. We had a great time. It was a lot of fun to hear your your first year stories.

The only drawback to going to the dinner was not being able to prepare for the classes the next day. Luckily, I didn't get any cold calls in my Financial Accounting class. Few of my classmates were missing in the first class on Friday. Many of them also went to the BOW(Bar of the week) on Thursday after the random dinner. Perhaps that was the reason why some of them couldn't make to the class. Thanks God I didn't decide to go to the BOW. I would have ruined my Friday if I had gone. Although I hadn't prepared much for my ABP(Analysis of Business Problems) class and OB class, I think I participated more than I used to do in other days.

Is there any marks for class attendance (for example if you miss a class, how much does it affect you academically in terms of grades)?

Raveendran, class participation in general has some weight in the
final grade you receive. Some subjects like Marketing put a lot of weight in class participation while some subjects like Financial Accounting put less weight on class participation.If you don't come to your class, you wouldn't be particpating and hence it will affect your grade.

Class particpation in itself may have some explicit weight, but I am not sure on that.
Thank you, Pradeep.
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