Saturday, October 08, 2005


My comment was voted second in the COW competition

In my marketing class, our professor gave an example of Mariachi when we were discussing a case. I didn't know what that meant. Like I always do, I asked the professor what Mariachi meant. Most of the students in the class laughed. Apparently, what it meant was a Mexican street band. I have seen many Mexican bands playing on the street but I didn't know they were called Mariachi. Did I mention that one of my flatmates is indeed Mexican? Shame on me, Pradeep!!

But its always a good thing to know something new in a class, isn't it? Actually, it was more than learning something new. I actually almost won a competition. :) NolliBoliie and her group had started a new ranking on comments called "Comment of the Week(COW)". The ranking would list the three most famous comments from the class and would let the class vote at the end of the week. Guess what! The comment I made in my marketing class was voted second by the class. The comment which ranked first was something like "I don't like Mickey Mouse" when we were discussing a Disney related case in the class.

Hey Pradeep -

Just wanted you to know that, had I not been up in front of class running the competition myself, I would've voted for your comment!!! I thought it was way better than "I don't trust Mickey Mouse."

Keep 'em coming. And don't be afraid to ask ANYTHING - the rest of us who are clueless really appreciate it!!!

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