Sunday, October 02, 2005


Mike Rosenburg and Andrew J Lothian rock...

I am already lagging behind when it comes to updating my blog.

We had a career workshop and "orientation days" last week. On the first day of the career workshop, we had a session by Mike Rosenburg, a professor at IESE. He is probably one of the most engaging, fun, exciting professors I have ever had. (My Spanish Profesora was another one I was really impressed with). He rocked. His session on when we should do the preparations for our summer internships and full time jobs were very insightful and at the same time, very entertaining. I love a professor who can add some humor to his/her lecture. I think students can focus exponentially when there is some sense of humor in a lecture. Otherwise, some students will just be taking their seistas, as I have already seen some of my friends doing that in a couple of classes. (I am one of them, but not as bad as the rest of the siesta team, I think).

To add to that, we had another wonderful session from Andrew J Lothian, the CEO of Insights.He basically explained us about the different types of personalities and what makes those personalities different from each other. On doing that, he actually acted like the 4 core personalities which he described by colors. There wasn't a single moment when I felt lost or bored or not wanting to listen to what he had to say. He was amazing. We laughed so much during that session.

In a very simplistic "Insights" way, a person who is commanding, fun-loving, caring/helpful and detail oriented is denoted by red, yellow, green and blue color respectively. Guess which color I was! I was a mix of mostly yellow and green. I think the Insights evaluation described me well. My wife was actually very impressed by the evaluation. "How did they know something that I thought I only knew? Perhaps future husbands and wives should do an Insights test before marrying each other. This would tell so much about each other's personalities", she said. I was glad I didn't take that test earlier and showed the evaluation to her because she doesn't like some of my habits which she only got to know after we got married and started living together. :) You know what..I think it is a good business idea, I will propose future couples to do the Insights test and make a deal with Insights to take a portion of the revenues generated from my referrals. My regular MBA classes haven't started yet and I am already acting like an entrepreneur.

Never knew about 'Insights'.

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