Saturday, October 08, 2005


getting a phone/DSL line in Barcelona is a long wait

We finally had Internet access in our flat on Friday. That was a long wait to get your flat hooked up to Internet. We had to wait almost a month to have it. Telefonica, the company which provided the internet for us, is extremely inefficient. Telephone companies in Nepal, a developing country, are more efficient that they are here in Spain. I am surprised. If we didn't have Walter, my Mexican flatmate, with us, we would probably have never been able to order the phone line and internet as we would face language issues. Thanks God! We have someone who speaks fluent Spanish staying with us.

We found out that the reason we couldn't get the DSL router to work on Wednesday was because we didn't press the "reset" button thrice consecutively. That would have reset everything. If we did it just once or twice, only some partial features would have been resetted. How the hell were we supposed to know that? I bet I didn't find that when I skimmed through the Spanish manual. I am sure I would have noticed the word "tres".

Our landlord replaced the bed frames, gas stove and oven as well as the dining hall chairs with new ones during the last week. So the last week was a special one. We had most of the things we needed in our flat. It was the same week when our classes started as well.

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