Monday, October 10, 2005


the famous Bar Crawl...

Well, this was the first weekend after the regular classes started. I already had 2 fiestas lined up for the weekend. The first was Bar Crawl, organized by 2nd year students for the 1st year students (2nd year students were welcome too). So the idea was to go to different assigned bars in a group, the same group you are part of for the 1st year of your MBA program and take part in different surprise competitions. We have 3 sections in the 1st year, and each section is divided into something like 8 groups. Each section was assigned a theme for dressing up during the Bar Crawl. Our theme for dress was Punk, section B's was nerds and section C's was 70's. The Bar Crawl would start at 8 pm on Friday.

I was actually not keen on going to the Bar Crawl as I was tired from the first week of intensive classes. On top of that, Srijana was not feeling well. However, it was a well advertised party, special one as it is organized only once every year, and meant to foster team spirit within teams in a non-academic way. Everyone in my group except one (who had flown to the US) was going. And it seemed like everyone else I knew was going too. So I changed my mind although Srijana couldn't come with me. She actually suggested me to go. But then the problem was in dressing up like a punk. I never wanted to be associated with a punk and here I was trying to dress like one. But when there is a will, there is a way, right? Since I had piercings in my ears from my childhood when my mom used to put small rings on my ears, I borrowed Srijana's big ear ring and put one on my right ear. Coupled with that,I "gel"ed my hair to give it a weird look. So here I was, a partial punk ready to go Bar Crawl.

It was a fun event. I agree, it brought my group members more closer than before. I got to drink a free beer, I stole one from the beers we provided to judges as bribe. :) Actually I am glad I did it because the judges didn't give us good points in the bar where we bribed them by buying 5 or 6 beers. We also got to see Huy's flat where he invited us to have some drinks. He has got a very beautiful flat, with 2 big balconies for a very good price. He is good in deal making, I guess. Huy is a Vietnamese but grew up in Alemania(Germany). But I decided to return early as Srijana was not feeling well. I think everyone went to a dance club later.

Congratulations to the 2nd year students who organized it. I had a lot of fun.

You can sleep when you are thirty.
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