Friday, September 02, 2005


Spanish consulate in Kathmandu

I got the information on the paperwork I needed to apply for my visa from the Honarary Spanish Consulate in Nepal. The secretary who works in the consulate in Nepal seems to have problems helping other people. When I asked her to give me more than one copy of the application form, her answer was not of a usual kind "I am sorry, our photocopy machine is not working or we are not supposed to give more than a copy of the application form". Her answer was something along this line "Copy it outside" in a very rude manner. I used to assume that Nepalese people, no matter where they are working, would be nice people. I was wrong. When I asked her about what kind of visa my wife would be applying, her answer was "tourist visa". When I said I wanted her to apply for something similar to a dependent visa, her answer was there was no such thing as a dependent visa. According to her, my wife could only go as a tourist visa if she were to accompany me right from the start. She seemed very confident on her answer and she didn't have any time to explain the reasoning behind her answer.

She also seemed to be busy chatting on phone and from my intuition, it didnĀ“t seem like a conversation related to office. We felt like she cared more about her phone conversation than helping some people who wanted to go to Spain for further studying. I wonder why such an incompetent person is hired in the consulate. And guess what, she doesn't know any Spanish. And worst of all, she couldn't even suggest a place for us to learn some Spanish. Come on, I think a member from a Spanish consulate would be able to recommend the best, if not, just name a few places to learn Spanish. I wonder what she is doing in the consulate. The consulate doesn't process any visas, hence its name "honorary". I also wanted to meet with the honorary consular Ambika Shrestha. The secretary noted down my name and the number, but I never got a call back. I suppose, if only a few people ever visit Spain from Nepal, it wouldn't be a difficult job to meet the consulate. But I was wrong in my assumption.

"I used to assume that Nepalese people, no matter where they are working, would be nice people. I was wrong."
I agree Pradeep dai, especially working in Embassy think that they are some how "superior" to common Nepalis.
I wonder how it happens so that such people are hired. And what about those people? don't they have enough responsibility not to do unnecessary things but to work.
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