Wednesday, September 28, 2005


a new definition of "cocktail"

Apparently, in IESE, a cocktail doesn´t mean a drink with some amount of alcohol in it. It means orange juice, water, coke (coca-cola)* and probably some other sodas. I am not kidding people, it is true. We were supposed to have a cocktail sponsored by a big bank yesterday at around 6:30 pm. I was all excited to cheer myself up after a long day of CV workshop. To my disappointment, there were no cocktails (as per my definition). And on top of that, there was hardly any food except some potato chips and pieces of cheese.

There was a welcome reception for 2nd year students not far from where we were. I think I saw cocktail and some real food being served there. For a moment, I thought of joining them by removing my tag (none of the second years had their tags, obviously), but decided not to as I thought that day is not that far away. I know one year will fly by very soon. :)

So future 1st years, don´t have high expectations on a cocktail reception sponsored by a big name company.

*In Spain, you don´t say Coke, it means something else. Always say "cocacola". :)

Muy bien Pradeep! :-)

A mi me gusta esta Blog!
Pradeep, I love your blog! I check it every day and I'm always so happy when I find a new post.
Interesting. Thanks for providing new and useful information.
totally agree with this cocktail thing. You don't have any clue how I was desperate for a cold beer after that particular day ..

The higher the expectations the more disappointed you are at the end.

And tonight at the Cocktail - where indeed it happened to have some drinks - I went home to study Accounting ..

too bad

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