Monday, September 12, 2005


The first road race I participated in

Yesterday was a special day. I took part in a road race, organized in the outskirts of Barcelona. We were like 10 of us including 3 Spanish friends I got to know yesterday. We reached the place around 9 in the morning but the race would only start at 10:30. But that gave us plenty of time to chat with each other and practise some of my Spanish with my new Spanish friends. The race was of 5 kilometers. The town was very beautiful and picturesque. I would call it 'muy bonita' if I were to use my limited knowledge of Spanish.

The organizers were, I should say, well prepared and sophisticated. They had laptops to enter our names and gave us a radio chip that we would be tieing with our shoes. The radio chip would let the organizers know when I started the race, the points I crossed and the time I finished the race, very high tech indeed.

I did okay in the race. 332 persons finished ahead of me and 34 persons finished after me. So now you understand what my definition of 'okay' was. It is always relative, isn't it? Since it was my first race, I didn't feel bad. At least I was not the last person to finish. My shoes turned out to be not comfortable during the race. But I didn't want to quit the race in the middle even after I the shoes became uncomfortable. When I checked my feet after I reached home, I noticed some blisters. Oh well, I think I should be fine in a couple of days.

I forgot to mention that we also got to have water, sandwich and a tshirt after completing the race, all for free. I think that was such a nice deal. And our friend Noelle actually won a trophy in the race. We were so proud of her. Its funny that she was in fact thinking of not joing the race earlier.

So that was the first running race I ever participated. Lucky me, I was destined to take part in a race in Barcelona, a wonderful city with wonderful weather.

Run paresh dai run...
so lucky to run around the beautiful city!!

Hi paresh dai and srijana..

I really enjoyed reading the blogs.. khoi paresh dai ko no foto :)
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