Monday, August 29, 2005


I wish....

I wish IESE had some arrangement with some hostels like YMCA or a big hotel who wanted to capitalize on the IESE brand to let incoming students stay for at least 2 weeks or so in the beginning of the MBA program. As the first day of the Intensive Spanish course comes closer, I can see many students looking for a flat. Some don't even have a temporary place to stay. Paying 100 bucks per night in a hotel is the worst but might be the only option for some of these people.

I am sure the "pregunta" of planning comes. In case you are wondering what a "pregunta" is, its a Spanish word for a "question". You can see, I am building up my Spanish vocabulary. The problem with planning a place to stay comes with the uncertainty of the length of time in getting a Spanish student visa. If you happen to apply at an extremely inefficient and un-cooperative embassy like the one located in New Delhi in India, finding a flat is the last thing in your mind. The infamous Spanish Embassy in Delhi deserves a separate blog. Will write that blog soon.

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