Saturday, August 27, 2005


The first visit to IESE Business School

Finally, we went to see IESE Business School on Friday. Kapil, my friend from India, accompanied us to the school. I had been waiting for that moment for so long as I was not one of the lucky ones who got to visit the school before they applied or before they made a choice to go to IESE. It was like a 10 minutes walk from the nearest FGC station. FGC is one of the subway systems that take you to different parts of Barcelona.

The school was smaller than expected in the beginning but I guess for the size of about 400, it is not that small. I made an analogy to a small doll beautifully decorated with every detail given full attenton. The lawns were nicely mowed. The famous building that I have seen in the pictures looked same, if not more beautiful. We went to the bookstore to check out the price of a book we needed to buy for our pre-courses. Unlucky me, I should have bought the book back in Nepal where it is much cheaper. I have asked an Indian friend of mine to bring one book for me, lets see if that will work out.

Some classrooms and the cafeteria were under construction. After spending some time seeing the school where I will spend 19 months of my life, we were walking out. We wanted to take some pictures with the front view of the campus but the security guard
didn't let us do that. It was surprising that I couldn't take the front picture of my own school. We did however take some pictures inside the school. It was just near the gate that we were not allowed.

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